Broken By The Scream Join JPU and Release ‘RISE into CHAOS’ Album on CD

Japan’s Broken By The Scream redefine ‘idol’ with new album RISE into CHAOS, out on CD internationally via JPU Records from 11 November 2022. The all-female unit incorporates elements of djentmetalcore, and tech-metal with cute pop vocals supplied by members Ayame Yabusame and Tsubaki Nanaougi, accompanied by the unbelievably brutal grows of Io Nodukidaira and Kagura Uriin. They’ve performed at some of Asia’s biggest rock and metal festivals, have a track in PS4 game Onee Chanbara ORIGIN, and have gained huge amounts of attention from fans all over the world.

RISE into CHAOS pushes the four-membered force’s sound further than ever before. Heavier riffs, more powerful vocal prowess, and even more genres covered. Screamer Io wanted this album to at least include one song with a Latin flavour. It’s done. Ayame wanted something a bit more cute and traditional idol style. It’s on here. And growler Tsubaki wanted something with crazy lyrics yet was still emotional and we get exactly that with the bonkers ‘Mela Mela Senorita’.

Album opener ‘Kanjou Cross Counter’ has already caused a major impact for Broken By The Scream. Its music video has been experienced over 425k times on YouTube, the group’s second most popular video to date, and is flooded with comments from around the world blown away by the song’s power. Latest music video ‘Kokoro, Harebare’ perhaps captures the essence of RISE into CHAOS and Broken By The Scream the best, with its unadulterated super cute pop chorus, outrageous guitar shreds, ridiculously crushing drums and shockingly guttural vocal parts that demonstrate just how unique and imaginative this unit can be.

Experience Broken By The Scream for yourself from 11 November. The CD includes an exclusive booklet with English lyric translations and romaji transliterations so fans can scream along and also understand the lyrical content. Click below to order.

01. Kanjou Cross Counter (RiC mix) (感情クロスカウンター)
02. Tokyo Ride
03. I tai no
04. Setsuna Hoop (RiC mix) (セツナフープ)
05. Kokoro, Harebare (ココロ、晴レ晴レ)
06. Panorama (パノラマ)
07. Mela Mela Senorita (メラメラセニョリータ)
08. Ano Natsuno Shinkirou (あの夏の蜃気楼)
09. Kila Kila Splash (キラキラスプラッシュ!!)
10. Hang in there
11. Gyakutenno Kanewa Naru (RiC mix) (逆転の鐘は鳴る)
12. Bokurano Mirai (ボクらの未来)

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