AJJ share new single “The Baby Panda” & Announce Hopeless Records signing

American folk punk band AJJ has released an all new track, “The Baby Panda.” The track marks the band’s first release since signing to Hopeless Records, and puts a lighthearted, albeit crucial, spotlight on the climate crisis. The short but spunky track features singer Sean Bonnette’s signature vocals and finds balance between dystopian lyrics and playful melodies. 


“What do we hope our listeners take away from this song? The song itself. We’re looking for a good home for it. We want this song to live in the ears and hearts and memories of our beloved listeners for years to come. This song was born in our old practice space when Ben pulled it out of the trash and spanked a mean ass guitar solo into it. Then we sped it up and asked our pal (Laura) Steve(nson) to make the vocal hooks pop. The lyrics in the second verse were taken from some classic Croatian curses.”

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