Pop Evil ‘s “Eye of the Storm” Single Reaches #1 on the Active Rock Chart!

Hard rock group Pop Evil’s latest single, “Eye of the Storm” reached #1 on the Active Rock chart making it their 8th #1 Single of their career.

In discussing the excitement of reaching #1, Pop Evil said, “We like to thank all our friends at Rock Radio, our Radio Promotion Team, Management, Record Label, and last but definitely not least, our fans. We can’t achieve these kinds of milestones without you! Thank you!”

The original rock track was released in April and powerfully conveys the chaos of a hurricane through dark, electric instrumentals with a pummeling, chaotic metal maelstrom that contains an uplifting message at its center.

As for the song’s lyrical plea, the band explains: “It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, at some point we all face a situation beyond our control. The wind howls at your door as darkness fills the sky and everything you know is being tested. You don’t know if you can survive it. At times, it feels hopeless, but it’s not. There is a path through the chaos and a way out of the confusion. You are stronger and closer than you think you are. The storm will pass. Don’t let it bury you.” The video is an allegory of the song’s meaning and paints a picture of the storm with rapid, flashing lights and rain flooding the scene. 

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