On the heels of the release of his self-released debut album NIGHT WINDOW, singer-songwriter and alternative rock musician ABE GROSSMAN has just released a new video for “Always Know You’re Somewhere.” The moving clip, which pays homage to a relationship between a son and his father through various stages of life, was directed by ABE with Chris Jones and Daren Hiltunen. Watch the video here.

“Always Know You’re Somewhere” is a touching and personal song for anyone who has recently lost a loved one.  A son sings to his father in the ballad that blooms into a 70’s guitar solo with a big, orchestrated chorus. All instruments were recorded analog-to-tape in the style of “golden age” classic rock artists of the 70’s to further the nostalgic themes. The music video features genuine Super 8 footage of ABE, his father, family, and friends, alongside more recent footage of ABE and his father on the Southern California coast. The clip shows ABE’s relationship with his father via a narrative thread from childhood to present day.


Q: The video tells the story of the relationship between a son and his father. Can you talk about your relationship with your father?

ABE GROSSMAN (AG): “I’m no different than most boys who want to make their fathers proud of them. I sought negative attention when I was young, so the road to maturity was long. My father has always been my most meaningful human connection. I have my lifetime to look back at the memories we’ve had. This song is looking forward beyond the world and into the unknown realm of spirit.

Q: What was the impetus for the song, “Always Know You’re Somewhere?”

ABE GROSSMAN (AG): As my father got older, I realized that the time we had here was limited. Our relationship had grown into a mature friendship beyond anything I could’ve imagined when I was young. He and I always have talked about spiritual matters throughout our lives. After I cleaned up my life, he and I started spending a lot more time together. The song just came from my love for him and the questions about what will be like when he’s gone. I find comfort in the fact that he’ll always be with me in the hereafter.

NIGHT WINDOW, released January 25, was an album “more than 40 years into a life of music” in Abe’s words. The album was previewed by the video-trilogy Speed Of The Night,” Ghost In The Dark and Dirty Cheap Hotel,” as well as the debut single, Blue Jays.” The sound throughout NIGHT WINDOW drips with classic nostalgia–a rich tapestry of 70’s classic rock and heartstring-pulling acoustic folk, stitched together by GROSSMAN’s distinctive, smokey lead vocal and lush orchestral arrangements. Subtle hints of familiar sounds, from Pink Floyd and John Mayer to Bob Dylan, may peek through here and there, and yet there’s some fresh unknown that makes the songs on NIGHT WINDOW their own instant classics.

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